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Are there Numbers you should Avoid for your Business Name Numerology?

by Jessie

If you’re using the calculator to explore possible business names, you might be wondering if some numbers are better than others for a successful business. Or if there are some numbers you should avoid altogether.

Some numerology sites will recommend certain numbers, and warn against others – but I find this blanket approach is pretty lacking.

It would be nice to have simple rules to follow, or a certainity that if you pick this number your business is guaranteed to succeed!

But in my experience that is not the way numerology works. And anyone who tells you the numbers will guarantee anything is trying to sell you some snake oil.

I mean, it’s impossible. You could have a hundred different business names that all add up to the number 7 – they are not all going to be exactly the same!

So when it comes to numbers to choose or avoid, it’s much more nuanced and personal. I use numerology as just one tool in my intuition toolkit – so it’s rarely just the numerology that will help me make a decision.

How do I decide if a number is right or wrong for my business?

In another post, I talk about what it means and what to do if your business name numerology result isn’t what you expected or hoped for.

That’s more to do with businesses that are already named, but can also apply if you’re trying to choose between favourites, and maybe your favourite name doesn’t result in your favourite number! (Does it mean something bad??) So also check that post out.

But if it’s not a matter of it feeling wrong, but just that you are wondering how to know what might be the strongest or weakest number for the energy of your business, here are some tips.

Brainstorm some adjectives to describe what you want the essence of your business to be.

Creative? Stable? Flamboyant? Conservative? Fast paced? Slow and steady? How do these compare to the numbers of your possible business names? See if the number reflects the essence you want for your business, or if it appears to conflict or work against it.

Do you want to infuse a certain energy into your business that you want to increase – or do you want to balance out something else?

This is where the number not necessarily exactly reflecting the essence of your business is not immediately a deal breaker.

Say for example you have a creative business with a lot of very creative, expressive people working with you – that doesn’t mean you should definitely have a 3 or 5 business name, even though that would match the energy of your business. You may instead be drawn to a name that adds some groundedness and a stabilising energy, like a 4 or 6.

Or perhaps you are drawn to a 7, because even though that’s a more introverted number, it infuses the name with wisdom, truth, and the sharing of knowledge, which complements the deeper purpose of the business, and what you express through the creativity.

Does it feel heavy or light?

This is one of the simplest ways to tap into your intuition about a choice. What does it feel like in your body?

Even if a number seems like it should be a good fit on paper, if in your body it just doesn’t feel uplifting or right – then trust your intuition!

And if a number doesn’t immediately seem like an obvious fit, but in your body it just resonates – then trust your intuition!

Are you thinking long term or short term?

Don’t just think about the surface of your business or how you’re starting out – what do you want the energy of your business to be for the long term?

For example:

A 1 business name lends itself to beginnings, but you obviously don’t want to just start a business – I suspect you also want it to keep going!

So in the short term, 1 energy might feel inspiring, but is it what you most want over time?

Maybe it is if you start and then sell or change businesses quickly, and want to keep that momentum up. But maybe not if this is your legacy business you want to pass on to your kids.

1 energy isn’t only for beginnings, of course. It’s also about fresh ideas and perspectives, about vision and leading the way. Those could all be things you want your business to always be about – making 1 a great energy for it.

But if those things aren’t the highest priority or true essence of your business, then you may choose to avoid a 1 business name.

You don’t want your business to start with a bang and fizzle out, because you put all your focus on starting, and forgot to give just as much – if not more – thought to what your business will be about in the long run.

Choosing a 1 name – or discovering you have a 1 business name already – will NOT cause this however.

But it may reflect your focus or intention, and you may want to think about what message that reveals for you.

A 1 business name could reflect a challenge you should be aware of – e.g. not trying so hard to be the biggest and best right out of the gate that you neglect your deeper purpose.

Or if you feel your business doesn’t align with the 1 energy, but you feel drawn to it anyway, or already have it – it could also be an invitation:

  • Always remember and stay connected to why you started the business.
  • Look at ways to keep things fresh and innovative within your business, even if on the surface it’s in a more conservative or traditional field.
  • Recognise your position of leadership within your industry. Etc.

This is where, while the numerology of your business name will not in and of itself guarantee success or failure, the messages and energy it holds can help you to see your challenges and opportunities more clearly, and guide you to more intuitive, inspired choices!

There are many reasons a number just feels right or wrong for your business. I’m a firm believer in trusting your gut even if you’re not 100% sure yet why.

Sometimes the true depth and energy of a number doesn’t reveal itself until later, when we look back and realise how perfect it was.

So the bottom line – are there numbers you should avoid for your business?

Essentially, no! All energy can be used to create more balance and to learn valuable lessons – so all numbers are fair game!

It’s up to you to decide what feels best for your business, and to listen to your intuition to hear the messages and guidance the universe is offering you.

I hope the questions and tips above help you in exploring the numbers for your business.

If you’re not sure about what your numbers are saying, feel free to share in the comments and we will see if we can assist with some insight!

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