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What if I don’t like my Business Name Numerology result?

by Jessie

Help! I like my business name, but I don’t like its number!

So you’ve calculated your business name number (with the calculator here) but you don’t like what it says, it’s not your favourite number, or it just isn’t what you expected….

Don’t freak out. You don’t need to rush out and change your business name!

Remember, you chose this name based on, I’m sure, a lot of thought and for a lot of personal reasons – and the numerology of that name is only one part of that whole.

Sometimes we don’t immediately resonate with the number, but that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong.

There are so many other factors at play, and the numerology is just one. And it is not some set in stone destiny. It is instructive and enlightening – even if you don’t particularly like it.

Also remember, if you find you don’t like the number associated with your business name, or the energy of that number doesn’t seem to gel with what your business is about, that the description of the numbers here does not cover every nuance of that number. And it doesn’t take into account everything else surrounding your business, including your own interaction with it.

We’ve given an overview, but of course not every business with the number 7, for example, is going to be exactly the same. This is where it takes your own intuition to interpret what that number means for you and your business.

And if you are finding the number is really confusing you, ask yourself a few things:

  • Does this number challenge something in me? What is the reason you ‘don’t like it’ – remembering that no number is good or bad, only with different energy and affinities. So what is your strong reaction trying to tell you? We are often challenged by things that we need to bring into balance in our lives (or businesses.)
  • Can it inspire something new in my business? You may be completely satisfied with your business as it is, which is great! Don’t search for problems where there are none. But if the number does seem like a different energy than you expected, see if it inspires anything in you – like a new project or offering idea to complement the rest of the business, a different slant on what you already do, a new way of connecting with a certain niche or customer/audience?
  • Have I considered how this interacts with my personal numerology? If you don’t know your personal numerology, there are calculators all over the internet that can give you a quick overview. Interpreting them is another matter, but if you find out your own main numbers, consider how they might work together. Perhaps your business number, though it doesn’t immediately seem to fit as you expected, is a number that balances out something in your personal numbers? (E.g. 4 offers groundedness to the changeable energy of a 5.)

Interpreting the numbers in numerology is a bit of an art. Trust your intuition.

I still don’t like it: should I change my business name?

If you’ve explored what it is you feel about the number, and other ways you could interpret it within your business…and it still doesn’t sit right…

Then maybe it is connected to a bigger misalignment with your business name. Maybe you are questioning the name you’ve chosen, and looking for confirmation on whether to keep it or change it.

So should you change it based on the numerology?

I would rarely recommend changing your business name based on the this one number alone. Not without a deeper exploration, and a consideration of all factors, not just the number.

But if you were already feeling like something doesn’t feel right about your business name, and now the numerology of it isn’t sitting right either – then that could be an indication that a change is calling.

BUT – like I said, I wouldn’t do this solely based on the number you get. Soemtimes we get to caught up on the specific name we give our business, especially when starting up or trying to grow, as part of obsessing over and micro managing every detail – when we are actually avoiding the more important things and bigger picture.

Unless its really, really off, the name isn’t going to make or break your business.

So if you’re feeling uncertain about it, take a step back for a while and let it all sit before making any decisions. Use the questions suggested above. And don’t try to force an answer – let the answer come to you.

And if still none of that is helping, leave a comment below about your dilemma with your numbers, and we will try to get back to you with some help!

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