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by Jessie

We make apps that help you live your best life. Ollie is the programmer & Jessie is the Designer. It’s only us making them, and we try to make them as beautiful as we imagine they could be.

Numerology Calculator App

Numerology Business Name App Android

Numerology Calculator App lets you quickly calculate the numerological number for a name. It gives you a write-up of what this number means. Using this as a prompt to journal or reflect on can be a good way to gauge how you feel about the name.

Meditation Timer

The meditation timer is a very simple way to practice meditation. Every time interval, say 30 seconds, a gentle ding sound will remind you to come back to your breath & away from your thoughts. This can be a good reminder to not get caught up in thinking while your practicing meditation.

Ollie has used this regularly and has been a life saver for him. Previously feeling like meditation wasn’t for him, the act of just bringing his mind back to the ding sound, helped him focus away from his thoughts, onto something tangible. The breath is common to concentrate on, and the ding is another form of this – concentrating on something outside of you.